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A WHISKEY PAINTING is a miniature watercolor (4”x 5” max. image) painted by a bona-fide member of the WHISKEY PAINTERS OF AMERICA (WPA). Their website is www.whiskeypaintersofamerica.org

The WPA, formed in 1950 has a limited membership of 150. An artist must be sponsored by an existing member. Two paintings must be created in watercolor using some form of alcoholic spirits in the water.  After approval by a juror, one painting goes to the sponsor, the other to the permanent collection of the Akron Ohio Museum of Art. Lee became a member in 1994.  

Whiskey paintings have been exhibited in at least 10 national shows across the nation. WPA has an annual show in February in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Shows are also held in commercial galleries. Paintings are typically sold for around $120; some go for as much as $800. 

Some of the finest artists in the USA, Canada and Mexico are proud to be in the WPA.  Several articles have been published about WPA (e.g. The Artist’s Magazine, Feb. 1995).


Please note:

Whiskey Paintings are sold unframed unless specified otherwise.  They are matted and shrink wrapped over a backing.  There is a label with a brief write up about the Whiskey painters of America story.

 All Whiskey Paintings on the site are 8 x 10 inches to the outside of the mat which is a standard frame size.  Simple frames costing less than $15 can be found at art supply or discount department stores.

All paintings are original and shipping within the continental USA is free!

02.054   Alhambra 

08.015   Covered Bridge

$115 in 8 x 10 frame or $95 unframed

 #03.076  "An Apple a Day"  SOLD  

  04.049  "Rabbit Bush and Cedars"  SOLD 



 07.038  "Cuyahoga Falls"  $ 95.00 matted 

 03.051  "Red Tug"  $ 95.00 matted 


 06.007  "Jeff's Barn"  $ 90.00 framed 


 05.009  "Cabbage Stew Fixin's"  SOLD 


All prices include US shipping.