Oil Gallery 1

All original works - no reproductions or prints!

All prices include US shipping. 


09.013 Fort Boreman Trees

Oil on 12 x 12 canvas/masonite panel,  unframed.  $120

09.016  Cairo WV Bank

Oil on 8 x 10 canvas/masonite  panel , unframed.  $105

09.022  Potomac River at Cabins WV

Oil on 8x10 canvas/masonite panel, unframed.  $95

99.054 Blackwater River

Original  oil on 8 x 10 inch panel, painted on-location at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia

$45 unframed

09.004    Maria


11 x 14 oil on canvas panel.  $125 unframed


I saw this old but happy little lady in the town of Mata Ortiz in Mexico during our trip to Copper Canyon nearby in Dec. 08.

She was amazingly spry and loved to dance. When she decided to go from point A to B, she was hard to keep up with.



08.043    Nobody Home


10 x 8 oil on canvas panel-plein air.  $75 unframed




09.12  Devola Locks and Dam


12 x 16 oil on canvas panel – plein air.  $175 unframed

#06.015 Still Life with Turkish Tea Pot

Original oil on 16 x 22 canvas covered birch panel.

$375 framed

  I paint with a group of 10 called the Complain Aire Painters.  Each of us donated an object of art for a still life project. We had to use five of these donated objects in the set up.....mine was the big teapot.  We could also add other things of our own, thus the drapery and the Bear Bell.

07.039      Anvil         8 x 10

$90 framed

08.007    Girl With Fur Coat     11 x 14

$90 unframed

07.016      Marietta Ohio Walk         11 x 14

$140 framed

07.024       Harmar Car           8 x 10

$95 framed

07.025       Marietta Ohio          8 x 10

$105 framed


05.033 - “ Power Plant”

Original oil painting on 8 x 10 inch panel.

Price $45 unframed.

  Done on-location near Belmont, WV.

 07.026 - “Dayne’s Draw”

Original oil 12 x 12 image, painted on canvas mounted on masonite panel, ready for framing.

Price $90

 Done on-location in WV.

 06.044 - “Amish Hay Rick Family”

Original oil 11x14 image, painted on canvas on masonite panel, framed in wood.

 Price $150 framed

From my photos taken in the Amish area of Ohio near New Philadelphia.  These unique hand made bundles each have their own “personality” and are much more interesting than the mechanically churned out biscuits.

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